From retail spaces to branch banks, Janarus serves all your company’s locations.

Janarus knows that the consistency of your image is important in all of your locations and a clean and healthy environment is a vital part of your image. Our trained specialists listen to both your needs and your expectations in order to deliver dependable and consistent cleanings across your different facilities. Whether for restaurants, banks, or retail spaces, we provide customized and trustworthy cleanings. Below are some of our offerings for your multi-location.

  • Cubicle partition dusting

  • Stripping & refinishing

  • Furnish & manage supplies

  • Pressure washing

  • Restroom sanitation

  • Total floor care programs

  • Green cleaning specs used in all accounts

  • Carpet cleaning (Multiple Methods used depending on the situation)

  • Phone sanitation

  • Window cleaning

  • Electrostatic blind cleaning

  • Nontoxic chemicals

  • Day cleaning

  • Consolidated billing and client management

  • Every location is served to the same standard