• Retail

    Keeping your stores of any shape and size clean against germs and diseases is a must. At Janarus, we offer commercial cleaning for your retail stores so you and your customers can feel safe in your space.

  • Banks

    Establish a strong first impression at your bank by putting cleanliness at the top of mind. Janarus offers commercial cleaning for multi-location bank facilities to keep your image a healthy one.

  • Churches

    Your place of worship provides service, inspiration, and renewal to a thriving community. At Janarus, we want you to focus on the spiritual well-being of your facility while we handle the physical cleanliness of the space.

  • Offices

    From the boardroom to the restroom and everywhere in between, an office building has many high-traffic, public spaces that require thorough cleaning. Janarus offers a variety of commercial cleaning services for your office space.

  • Schools

    Your students need a safe and healthy environment for them to learn and thrive in. At Janarus, we offer cleaning services for educational facilities to reduce the spread of germs that includes sanitizing lockers and restrooms, cleaning gym floors, using nontoxic chemicals, and more.

  • Manufacturing

    When you operate large manufacturing spaces, there are plenty of spots for dirt, dust, and germs to hide. Keep your facilities thoroughly clean and tidy with Janarus’s commercial cleaning services for manufacturing.

  • Medical

    Healthcare and cleanliness go hand-in-hand. Janarus is committed to providing safe, hygienic cleaning for medical facilities. Our cleaning processes prevent the spread of germs and containing any dust or allergens to improve air quality.

  • Event Venues

    Take away the hassle of cleaning your venue and focus on the events themselves. Before, during, and after your events, Janarus offers flexible and detailed cleanings to keep your venue in good condition

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