Janarus provides custom cleanings for clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and surgery centers.

Cleanliness is not an option when it comes to healthcare. Janarus is committed to providing safe and hygienic cleaning for medical spaces. We understand that medical offices, clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and surgery centers require special cleanings and processes to prevent the spread of disease and infection. From our disinfectants to our vacuum filters, our cleaning processes prevent the spread of germs and contain dust and allergens to improve air quality. Below are some of the services we offer to maintain the safety and hygiene of your medical facility.

  • Germ Guard

  • Window cleaning

  • Nontoxic chemicals

  • Furnish & manage supplies

  • Systematic processes and measurements

  • Background checks on everyone in your facility

  • Carpet cleaning (Multiple methods depending on the situation)

  • Maintain facility to surpass state and federal inspection guideline

  • Stripping and waxing

  • OSHA Compliant

  • Written exposure control plan

  • Trained in bloodborne pathogens

  • Detailed site plan and inspection schedule

  • State of the art sanitizing and disinfection programs

  • Cleaning team offered Hepatitis B shots before starting account

  • All team members receive specialized training specific for healthcare environments