Corporate HQ's

Janarus serves the needs of your corporate campus, regardless of the scope or complexity of your facility.

Your building is representative of your identity as a corporation and the image you present here is vital to your overall success. Janarus knows the challenges of cleaning high-traffic, public spaces as well as the importance of maintaining your private offices. From boardrooms to restrooms, we can help you create clean and inviting spaces for your employees and visitors. Below are some of the services that can enhance the image of your corporate campus.

  • Day or night cleaning

  • Restroom sanitation

  • Electrostatic blind cleaning

  • Nontoxic chemicals

  • Cubicle partition dusting

  • Furnish & manage supplies

  • Carpet cleaning (Multiple Methods depending on the situation)

  • Total floor care programs

  • Recycling programs

  • Stripping & waxing

  • Phone sanitation

  • Upholstery cleaning

  • Green cleaning standard in every account